Carnival Art Workshops

Artastic offer a range of carnival art workshops to develop your skills in stilt walking, mask, costume or puppet making along with face painting.

We have a great range of workshops to offer.

Artastic’s complete range of carnival art  workshops will create the opportunity to develop the skills of workshop participants. Participants in carnival art workshops will gain greater awareness of the process of stilt walking, face painting, or making. Artastic carnival art workshops facilitators teach no only the practical skill but teach about the environment in which the skills are used.

Very experienced community artists.

Artastic artists are highly experienced in carnival arts and working with groups. Our artists understand that peoples ability will vary. Our aim would be to create an environment where participants not only learn carnival arts, but to value the learning process. We would encourage that they learn from each other and creatively challenge themselves. Participants are taught principles of carnival arts with which they can develop their own ideas.

Carnival Art WorkshopsCarnival Art Workshops

Carnival Art Workshops

  • Costume making
  • Mask making
  • Prop making
  • Float making
  • Processional Movement
  • Stilt walking
  • Inflatable art
  • Puppet making

Carnival arts workshops

  List of Carnival Art Workshops

Stilt walking workshops – develop confidence through the learning of a challenging new skill in a safe environment with one of Ireland’s most experienced stilt walking teachers. Stilt walking is so popular that we created a specific website to help you learn more about this exciting skill. You can learn more about this at

Face Painting workshops – if it’s your first attempt or if you want to further develop your skills, you will learn with a highly accomplished artist, Caitriona McGowan, who has her own unique style.

Costume, mask, prop or puppet making workshops – Learn a wide range of carnival skills with our artists, who have a great variety of tested techniques to suit all ages and abilities.

Group Movement – this workshop is an introduction to creative movement exploring space, body, dynamics and relationships, to develop creative thinking and imagination in processional movement.

Large Float making workshop – This on-location workshop can be offered to those who want to expand their carnival art skills to create large visual pieces for their parades.

Objectives of Carnival Arts workshops

  • To introduce the group to a range of materials.
  • To explore different making processes.
  • To engage in the design process with consideration of functional factors.
  • To identify historical and cultural background to street theatre.
  • To develop an understanding of how street theatre differs to other theatre styles.
  • To develop creative thought and imagination.
  • To explore the process of working collaboratively.
  • To extend your visual and performance arts vocabulary.

Methodology of Carnival Arts workshops

Over a series of sessions we would introduce the above elements through a particular theme. There would also be an introduction to a creative movement session, to demonstrate how puppets or masks are used effectively. These workshops are only designed to work over a number of sessions.

Please contact us to discuss you street entertainer needs. We are positive we can fulfill your entertainment needs.

For more specific information about Stilt walking workshops please visit of dedicated website Stilts