Our inflatable art

Over the past few years Artastic start to create inflatable art pieces. We are still relatively new to the art form but really enjoying it and looking at new areas we can develop this work.


inflatable art

Started simple

At first we just experimented with simple geometric shapes so that it would be easy to work out patterns based on geometry and the put our creative talents to learn how we might decorate the inflatable’s.

New we experimented with used on 12V power so that our large 4.5metre pieces could be inflated using only batteries rather than inverters or generators. That was a great success but we were limited to how big of heavy the piece could be.

Love a challenge

Next we set our eyes on working on large organic shapes but still trying to use geometry to calculate the patterns. We created a couple of large insects to achieve this goal.

inflatable art






We wanted to paint  more

Next we wanted to be  more adventures with colouring our inflatable art, Artastic style! So after a steep learning curve we have begun to make some head way. see full article

What next?

When we get spare time our next goal is learning to create more complex organic shapes on 3D software, and the working out the UV 2d patterns. So hopefully we will see more exciting inflatable art by Artastic in the coming years. We simply love making!

Inflatable Sun. inflatables, inflatable art

Inflatable Sun

Inflatable Smile. inflatables, inflatable art

Inflatable Smile

Inflatable Bee. inflatables, inflatable art

Inflatable bee

Inflatable lady bird. inflatables, inflatable art

Inflatable Ladybird

Inflatable Whale, Inflatabel art

Inflatable Whale

Inflatable Turle

Inflatbale Turtle

Inflatable shark

Inflatable Walkabout Shark

Inflatable Dolphin, inflatable art

Inflatable Dolphin

Inflatable Art


Inflatable Zebra

Rainbow Zebra

inflatable art ireland

Celtic towers

Inflatable fish

Angel Fish

Cresent Moon