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Since 2003 Artastic have created a pageant spectacle for St Patricks festival parade in Dublin, using a variety of community groups along with our talented artists. This blog will describe in brief of a spectacle along with credits to those involved in the year 2008.

This is now stepping back a few years but we like to keep a record of our work, and their is a special personal story that goes with each of the parade for those involves so we wanted it to act as a trip down memory lane for anyone who wanted it.


Notorious Reef Groovers

It’s back – the competition you have been waiting for, including every watery wannabe, drippy diva and showy shellfish in the ocean. Starfish in your Eyes will embrace some of the most notorious Reef Groovers: the Seahorse Gospel Choir, the Sole Sisters and the current title holders – The Kings of Coral “Elvish”



  • It’s all go as that time of year again when the aquatic wannabe’s gather for their annual talent competition. You can say it’s the underwater version of you’re a starfish finals.
  • All eyes are anxious to see what talented group will win the “Starfish in your Eyes” title.
  • This years entries will see some of the more Notorious Reef Groover’s, such as the ‘Slip hop Jellyfish dancer’, “the Seahorse Gospel choir”  “the Star Fish musical society”  “The Sole Sisters” and desperately trying to hold on to their title will be there “the Kings of the Coral, Elvish” ( fish who actually believe they are Elvis, what a cod..)
  • Cheer on the ditsy wannabe star fish, God bless them, what they lack in talent, they make up for in enthusiasm.
  • Remember this is a competition, so Text your vote to 086 8234002.

To vote favourite simply text   Elvish,  Jellyfish, starfish,  or Seahorse.

  • Show your support to all those fishy family and friends that have come out to support for the star’s in the little fish eyes.
  • There’s a great campaign group out today trying to solicit your vote for Elvish. Go on get your phones out and text your support. Text Elvish to 086 8234002.
  • Although the have left their blue swade shoes behind, the Kings of the Coral “Elvish” are the bookies favourite to win again this year.
  • Look out for those infamous Judges wearing the latest designer scuba diving outfits, and give them your opinion and don’t take any of their guff.
  • Please get voting now before the lines close. It’s what the public think that counts. Any if you got no credit, well just cheer and shout for your favourite.
  • Try catch a glimpse of the three real stars, the three Queens of the Sea, which are our special guest today..



  •  Artastic’s collaborative art projects are nationally recognised as models of community theatre in Ireland, where artists and community groups work together to transform our urban landscapes with colourful creative performances.
  • This year Artastic’s pageant has a cast of 150 performers made up of many community groups and friends of Artastic
  • Artastic is involved with three different parades today, with over 300 costumes in parades throughout the country. Organising this has been a real challenge to the team.
  •  Although they are based in Newbridge Co Kildare. They work all year round with a variety of community settings, right through out Ireland.
  • Artastic are responsible for creating the parade celebrations at the Rose of Tralee each year.
  • They are involves working with many community groups Artastic pays a special role in youth Arts in collaboration with youth organisation in the Dublin and Kildare regions.



 Artistic / Performance Director: – Vijaya Bateson ( V-JOY – Phonetic pronunciation)

Choreographer: Sheila Garvey (Lets dance Academy)

Team: Lead Production Artist  –Vera Doherty.

Creative team – Sharon O Neil, Gina Tierney, Brendan Lane, Rob Mockler, Tagred Jhady,

Painter- Orla Cloghar.

Music and Sound . Rob Mockler /Gordon Turner.


Groups involved in this year parade.

 Shiela Garvey Dance Academy – Navan

Deirdre Brwn Dance School  – Nass

Celbridge Youth Theatre

Kildare Youth Theatre

Balitore Youth Theatre

Various friends and guest of Artastic


Special Guests.

Saorise Kearney, Amber Short and Kinkari Bateson who all the Queens of the Sea.

Kinkari Bateson Fly’s in each year from Wales, just to be in the parade.



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